Sunday, April 28, 2013

Change of Scenery

It is hard to believe that I have made it to my LAST rotation of PA school!! I'm already one week in, so just THREE more weeks until graduation! Wow. Time sure does fly.

For this last rotation, I was given the amazing opportunity to travel to Cleveland, OH to spend a few weeks at the Cleveland Clinic. Cardiology is my strongest interest, so the chance to complete a clerkship at a facility which has been named the country's number one cardiac center for the past 15+ years is absolutely unbelievable! I have already learned so much in just one week and everyone has been so nice and so welcoming. I am also so SO thankful to my wonderful hosts for opening their hearts and their home to me for a few weeks!

The Cleveland Clinic, Miller Family Heart and Vascular Institute

Of course, being in a new area for a few weeks means new places to see and explore by way of running ("man-tracking" as Nic and I have jokingly termed it). I have already realized that I did not pack appropriately for the weather. With nothing but running shorts and only two long-sleeved shirts, it made for a pretty chilly run my first time out this week. It had been raining and spitting snow (!!) all day, but the sun decided to peek out in the late afternoon so I was able to get out for a few easy miles to explore Shaker Heights, OH.

This is an absolutely beautiful area and the homes are amazing! Wikipedia tells me that 70% of the city is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Spring is just starting to arrive, so it looks like very soon everything should be in full bloom. I'm looking forward to more "man-tracking" and by the end of 4 weeks, I should know Shaker Heights like the back of my hand! Gotta get those miles in! T-minus 2 months until Eastern Divide 50k!

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  1. What an incredible opportunity, Erica! Wow, LOVE your pictures! The best way to see a city is on foot!! On the countdown until Eastern Divide... ;-)