Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Life

Two years of focus...two years of books, studying, long hours, coffee...two years of never *really* having free time...two years of never knowing enough. Two of the hardest, most intense years of my life...and now it's actually over. Still trying to wrap my head around that.

Graduate from PA school...DONE!

Of course, PA school is just the beginning. Now's when the "hard part" really starts. From here on out, I'll be the one diagnosing, prescribing, counseling and making decisions, but without a preceptor standing over my shoulder. One of the wonderful things about the mid-level system is that I will always have an attending physician to go to if I need guidance, but I will be expected to carry much of the patient care responsibility myself.

I passed my certification exam and have applied for state licensure, so now it's just hanging out enjoying the summer until starting work in September (if all goes according to plan). I am absolutely in love with this place Hugh and I are now living. We went from a tiny apartment that was within 5 minutes of everything to a farmhouse on 4 acres with a church across the road but no other houses in sight. Forget Starbucks being a mile down the road. And there's no more of this "what do you want to do for dinner?" "I dunno, let's go out". There ain't no "out" unless we're prepared to spend an hour round trip just driving. It is a different world indeed.

I'm going to miss being able to easily run to the grocery store for anything. And (shamefully), I DEFINITELY miss having Red Robin a mile away (YUMMMMMM!!!). But what we now have in return is fresh air, flower gardens, dirt roads, wildlife, space for our dogs to run, the river, tractors rumbling down the road...yeah, I'll take it! Of course, now that we've been here for several weeks, I can't imagine us anywhere else. Another one of the perks...I've found some pretty neat places out running...

And speaking of ultra-marathon is in TWO days!! 32 miles...I'm long-since past thinking this was a good idea and now I just agree with everyone who's calling me crazy! :) I've been struggling with what must be plantar fasciitis in my left foot on and off for a few weeks, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty good about this race. I know as long as I stay hydrated and fueled, I can go the distance. It is going to be slow, but with it being my first 50k, all I'm really worried about is finishing. It's not going to be easy, and I've been trying to prepare myself for both the mental and physical obstacles I'll likely face. seems to be very fine line between "preparing" and psyching myself out. I can do this. I KNOW I can do this! And by my next post, I should be able to call ultramarathoner!