Thursday, April 18, 2013


I’ve spent the past few days trying to wrap my head around and make sense of the events that unfolded this past Monday at the Boston Marathon. As many others have realized, there is no way to make sense of it. Three people killed and almost 200 injured…there is no sense to be found in such an act.

But a marathon of all things? Why target a marathon? There is no political agenda here. There is no religious tension, no gender discrimination, no care to sexual orientation. Just people…of all ages, backgrounds, races, colors, religions, beliefs…just running.

Here’s what you might not realize about runners…we are resilient. We don’t let obstacles stand in our way. We run for causes and support non-profits and race to bring honor and meaning to people and events in our lives. This won’t stop us, it only adds fuel to the fire. Think this is going to stop the Boston Marathon? No way.

Continue to hold in the light those who were harmed or affected by this tragic event. Lives changed. Lives never forgotten. A country (and world) in mourning once again.

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